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  • Hey Rob
    Just wanted to thank you again and let you know that LeTrap you sent me finally has a good and usefull home. I am SOOOO happy and proud of it. Every visible bit of gold gets trapped in the right hand out side first riffle. It's clean and packed tight, no matter what size. Instead of panning, I just use the snuffer and keep going. Yes I rerun cons (and will continue to), but so far no gold found on any follow ups.
    Wow! Just Wow!

    How Odd, I received a PM from him which I answered, received nothing back, sent a 2nd PM and nothing again? I have the pricing for the covers but nowhere to send them to? Maybe he's been talked to by the local police about bringing a metal detector into the country?

    Did it rain on you today? It rained here with T & L and I enjoyed all of it, something different!........................63bkpkr
    A great transaction Rob. Thanks for the G2. Like Jeff95531 said communication and shipping A+++++++++++
    Thanks for the sluice Rob! As for a seller, communication and packaging? A++++++++++++++
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