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  1. My other best find ever

    That sounds awesome. I worked a register at a restaurant for several years. Wasn't really into looking for coins but I do remember I once found 2 whole rolls of nothing but silver dimes once; and another time I found a 1903 Indian Head Penny in a roll of pennies. I'm sure there were a lot...
  2. A day for glasses and gold.

    Thanks for making the videos SouthernStyle. I really enjoy watching them. They are well made and you find some awesome stuff. I also really like when you weigh the loot at the end!
  3. 350 year old Japanese Coin and Battle of Okinawa Large Caliber Bullet

    That's incredible glad to hear your grandpa made it. I'm out looking for gold and plat but these 2 finds have to be my favorite non-precious metals.
  4. 350 year old Japanese Coin and Battle of Okinawa Large Caliber Bullet

    Found a couple cool things in the dry sand a couple days ago and thought i'd share them: Found a live large caliber bullet. Not sure what caliber it is. Anybody got an idea? I was thinking it may be an anti-aircraft round maybe. Found a very old Japanese coin called a Kanei Tsuho which...
  5. Do all treasure hunters have tattoos?

    No tattoos here.
  6. Pick Bannerstone!!

    What is it?
  7. Whats the fastest car you ever drove?

    I wasn't driving but the fastest i've ever been in a car was in my buddy's dodge charger on the autobahn while stationed in Germany. We got up to 165mph and it was an adrenaline rush!
  8. beach scoop???? help please

    Get the Stealthscoop Classic. The digging conditions here in Okinawa are very rocky and I really have to put some extreme pressures on my scoop to dig. Everyone that I know here uses the Stealthscoop Classic -- strength and durability are our number one consideration when looking for a scoop...
  9. Tax money...what to do?

    With that kinda tax return i'd buy 12 garrett pro pointers and duct tape them all together and trawl them behind a boat. It's cheaper then that trawling detector they sell on Kellyco.
  10. Wow What a Day, 18 Gram 18K Ring to end "Day of Days"

    The Gold Whisperer! Awesome.
  11. introducing RiingZilla...20 Grams of Okinawa Gold

    That's awesome Jody! That thing is HUGE! Cha-ching!
  12. 🥇 BANNER 2000 year old GOLD.

    Beautiful gold coin! I lived in the Uk for three years and regret not metal detecting at the time.