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  1. Had to end it with the New 49,s mining club

    Why can't you just pay what you owe and continue making payments until you are paid up? Seems like an honest mistake you shouldn't lose your down payment. Have you discussed this with the club?
  2. Bucky PSA

    WTF happened to Smoky the Bear?
  3. Claim Access a historical case history

    USFS knows the law. I think they feel these laws are out of date. Their tactic is to impose their regulations and force the claim holders to agree to some outrageous conditions or take them to court. Typical claim holder is eventually worn down, out of money, or dies and the USFS rules.
  4. EPA chief Scott Pruitt resigns.

    What Kevin said.
  5. Claim owner didn't file with county.

    Just curious. How did you determine this? I assume their name will eventually show up on some County or BLM record.
  6. Fraudulent top-filers?

    Actually the Pershing County online document search is one of the nicer ones. Very simple and relatively straight forward. The trick is to pick the appropriate list and only enter the info you need to make the list you want.
  7. Fraudulent top-filers?

    In this case it was an honest mistake. I was not involved, but have knowledge of the situation. Not everybody is crooked.
  8. Fraudulent top-filers?

    How come those guys didn't see your claim corner posts?
  9. Going to South America to start a dredge gold mining operation and I'm a newbie

    Your description of the pay deposit looks like it would be gravel rather than shale. Minor point, but part of the learning experience. Good luck.
  10. Guns on claims

    You may have the same basic rights but you won't legally have any firearms. You can not bring firearms into the U.S. of A. without a permit. Generally for hunting or shooting competitions only. See: Bringing Firearms into the U.S. ? ezbordercrossing

    Next year watch: "FORUM GOLD" Watch real miners work their computers gossiping about the gold reality TV shows they "never watch".
  12. 1st Amendment Audit

    Seems to me these folks are going out of their way to provoke confrontations. Maybe get a real job. "Audits", that is funny.
  13. Where NOT to go in AZ

    Your answer seems a little lazy. Sometimes people need a little help getting started. I think OP asked a pretty good question and got some good answers.
  14. can any one read this radium test?

    Looks to me that the 3 elements that register 0.3 exceed the 0.2 limit and you would have to reduce this somehow to make it acceptable. Just a guess. Why don't you get the information you need from the company doing the analysis? Also, the test result shows you do have radioactive elements IMO.
  15. Solution To The California Dredging Ban

    Pick a day and place. Hundreds, thousands of dredgers descend on a stream and break the law in mass. Bank to bank dredges in the water. Banks lined with supporters blocking those who would ticket the dredgers. Block the roads. Clog the courts. Massive disobedience.