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  1. More Roman Silver

    Congrats ... great Denarius of Julia !!
  2. Return to the Nature Park- Round 3

    nice Buckle ! ;)
  3. Crudads Scouting - Good Find!

    very nice Roman pendant ...Green patina and good state of preservation.:thumbsup:
  4. Barley Stubble Field....

    Nice Reindeer Seal :thumbsup:
  5. Back to the Nature Park - Some Older Finds!

    Nice Buckle and pics !:thumbsup:
  6. Return to game!

    Hi ANTIQUARIAN !! :hello: the are usually much smaller .. your bell maybe hung his bell some horse ..... but mine predates the 17th century .. I know them very well ... many types.:thumbsup:
  7. Return to game!

    very many settlements of the Bronze Age ... recently excavated city of the Bronze Age 2500 BC ... is called the "La Bastida" is one Bronze age town of the area, but I only sporadic findings that have already been excavated for years and with and prohibited for metal detectors.
  8. Return to game!

    sometimes only find junk ... but hunting is fun!:happysmiley:
  9. Return to game!

    Hi ggossage I also happy talking to you!
  10. Return to game!

    thanks ! :icon_thumleft:
  11. Return to game!

    many thanks ! ...preparing it all ... but I need new fields that will come soon.:thumbsup:
  12. Return to game!

    Here are common things from 17th century to 19th ... although there are occasional surprises and find Roman and earlier .... but not very often .... not as much as the Hispanic period.
  13. Return to game!

    tired of always visiting the vineyard , and end all hunting grounds from my area ... but now I have big future plans for new fields.
  14. Return to game!

    many thanks vpnavy !