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  • Im glad youre getting around well again. Im still not so steady on the new knees but im getting there. I just want the aching to subside. I just moved here a year ago and haven't been able to walk around and discover things.Iim eager to do that. I have the phone app but your posts don't show up on it for some reason only when im on my laptop. Ive gotta figure out why.
    I had my knees replaced 2 yrs ago & I am so glad I did! I am out in the woods, & going to places I thought I'd never see again. can even walk the mall with my daughter! not that I ever really want to, but I did miss shopping with her. The only worry I have is falling on my knees, so I am careful about foot placement. a lot of the places I go are very rocky so I am careful. that was nice of your Bro. must have been hard for him. hope you are able to get out & find some treasures soon.
    Hi housemom6, always happy to see another woman join the forces. We are kinda neighbors, I live in SE MO. Lots of history as well as snakes & creepy crawlers. Hope you find lots of treasure. be sure & post your finds.
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