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    I'll give you my mint excal for the sand shark and vaquero
  2. ❎ SOLD Custom Straight Shaft Tesoro Tiger Shark w/3 Coils! Waterproof / Freshwater

    Surprised this unit hasn't sold yet. I know for fact that 11x8 epsilon coil is a killer coil . Excellent in fresh wter and land . Great depth and sensitivity .
  3. ♻️ TRADE Looking for used detectors

    I have a year old DETECTORPRO UNDERWATER WITH 8'' COIL N CHARGER. Im looking to trade for a used pi. unit
  4. ♻️ TRADE Looking for used detectors

    I have a wader ,whites surfmaster pi I'd like to trade on a detector pro unit.
  5. CW relic hunt finds today

    Very Nice:thumbsup: finds. Congrats.
  6. 🥇 BANNER Plate Plate Plate!!!! Cincinnati Ohio

    WOW. thats a beautiful find. Congratts.
  7. What kind of necklace is this?

    That is pretty cool. :thumbsup:
  8. silver spoon

    Must be the season for spoons. I have picked up two so far in the past 3 mnths. Very nice find.,:thumbsup:
  9. A place to dive and look in florida

    Yes there are. I do know that you can also dive with some crews that for a small fee will let you take out a boat and you get a salvors tag. Not what I'd be into. lol ,Give Gary Drayton a shout on facebook . He can help.
  10. Good jewelry day for me.

    Very cool. :icon_thumleft:
  11. The Newest Menace on Florida East Coast Beaches

    I've hunted the Florida beaches. Mostly. Deerfield, Pompano, Hollywood and Delray. I have found them while hunting. Only thing the bothers me about them is that I find them with the detector before my little one finds them with her bare foot. Thats about all you can really do is gather them up...
  12. H

    Hi Bart. Any chance you have a Beach Hunter for trade on a like new used twice cz-3d?

    Hi Bart. Any chance you have a Beach Hunter for trade on a like new used twice cz-3d?
  13. Looking into Beach detecting any help would be appreciated

    Grab a copy of my Beach Guide on (Metal Detecting The Beaches From Maine To Florida. only $10. It'll be a big help in locatiing beaches to hunt. ship wrecks, how to's ,saftey, and much more. A must have.
  14. AT Pro on the Beach advice

    AT- Is an awesome machine. I'd love it even beter if it had dual frequency.
  15. Silver, Gold and.........wait for it.......BEER!

    Thats what I'm talking about. Nice finds. :thumbsup: