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  • I just encountered the Closed Today thread on trying to decide if that was a graveyard. Moderator announced no grave digging on Tnet and shut it down.

    In the law you will find nothing is identified until it is, ahem, identified. Moderator did what a lot of posters did, summarily decreed it was a grave though at no time has anyone identified a grave there. As far as I could tell no one ever identified it as a burial place, and this seems to have been overlooked by all, including the moderator.

    I don't know what you did, but I am one who believes you could have explored it with the intention of determining if it is a burial place, until you actually find evidence that it is. At that time, then you would be digging in a burial place. Not before. Simple legal principles.

    And, moderator shooting from the hip. IMO. It is his right, but you can be right and still be wrong. It's his board so he rules, but not as far as that quesionable place.
    If you want to go detecting sometime let me know schedule is a little off at the moment but in a few weeks will be good, love to meet and do a group hunt i do this with my father.
    Like to chat sometime on probing. A buddy and I do a lot of cellar holes.. out house has to be there . Wells scare me ,100 year ol dirt don't=ED
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