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  1. Melted Spanish Silver!!!

    This was from yesterday, didn’t have a chance to post. Hit a spot I’ve been to multiple times. Not bad for an hour hunt! Also nice flat button that I forgot to get a picture of
  2. Weird looking bracket?!?

    Found out in a pasture today. Looks like something would sit in it?
  3. Hvactech19

    Thanks man! I love the hobby. Never know what I’m gonna find out here! 👍

    Thanks man! I love the hobby. Never know what I’m gonna find out here! 👍
  4. 1817 large cent

    Great looking coin!!
  5. 1817 large cent

    Those buttons in the background were from previous hunts, no designs on them unfortunately.
  6. 1817 large cent

    Went out for a quick hunt. 1st large cent of the year
  7. Toasted GW long live the president

    I found 2 @ 1 site in fantastic condition IMO. This one at a different site. Pretty close proximity though.
  8. Toasted GW long live the president

    Was able to get the GW visible!
  9. Toasted GW long live the president

    Last target of morning. Sad it’s in rough shape. 3rd GW I’ve found. Glad to ID it
  10. Gettysburg 2 day hunt

    I think it went to a phone honestly. I googled a crown j7 and a bunch of phone information came up 🤷‍♂️
  11. Gettysburg 2 day hunt

    Got back down to a private permission in Gettysburg Pa. with a good friend I met a few years ago Everything posted is mine except for the silver 😔 Awesome trip! My buddy who just got into detecting and failed on finding anything on multiple hunts with me back home landed the 1877 Carson...
  12. 3 Silver Hunt, 2 Firsts, and a Possible Military Ring!

    Great finds! Bring that ring to a jeweler and get it repaired!! I believe it’s an uncas ring from the marking. Started in 1911 out of Rhode Island. That’s all I got 😂👍
  13. Buckles and buttons. Old!!

    Good 2.5 hr hunt. Any idea on age of shoe buckle would be great 👍