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  • Hello,

    I just wanted to thank you again for that Link to the Toekn website. I have been able to identify about 90% of the tokens i have found in the last hour...Thanks again!!!!!
    Hi John, I am a fellow Boise resident and beginner MD'er. I found a Curtis cigar token and while researching it, I came across a thread here where you gave some history on the owner. Would you mind if i passed that info on in another forum?
    John, you've proven yourself many times to be the Treasure Net guru of tokens. I was only giving you a 'heads up' regarding this hothead. He wants to cancel his membership. I'd like to say I can help him but the mods may interpret that response as mocking--and slap my wrist.
    All the best,
    I have been a collector of trade tokens for about 50 years - my main collection is Idaho tokens and I am researching for a book on them, but I am also interested in researching "maverick" tokens. I have been the Maverick Editor for the Token and Medal Society for 20 years or so. Always glad to try to help with tokens. I do a little metal detecting, but have not been able to devote the time that that hobby needs.
    John in the Great 208
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