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  1. ❎ SOLD EQUINOX 800 $675 OBO

    Wow good deal.
  2. XP DEUS II Group Chat

    Hey CZ, I have a second 11” coil for the Deus II. Came with my pre order but i already have a 9 and 11.

    If it performs as well as an Equinox its going to be very interesting. Even if its close.. it has the Simplex housing which we already know to be very rugged, its $300 cheaper nevermind build quality and if it can hold its breath under water. I dont think this machine is coming out to pull Nox...
  4. XP DEUS 2

    Nox is allot better than the Deus in my soil as well (Rhode Island). I am hoping the Deus II is close and definitely like the Nox type tones they have coming with it now. I have the Deus II and 11” coil coming so will be putting some comparisons up.
  5. APEX, SIMPLEX, AND VANQUISH 540 Iron test...

    The Apex will do better if its a Home Depot nail, you turn off all electronic equipment in the neighborhood, you plug it in while testing and you face north south during the test while the stars align. Its in the Apex manual page 13.
  6. Garrett masking test

    Garrett Apex masking test Just found this on YT. Interesting results from Ohio Farm Hunter
  7. Metal detector giveaway - mention your from Tnet.

    Hey all, I was sent a couple of Ricomax detectors to provide feedback on and will be giving away one of the full packages still in the box with, shovel, headphones and pin pointer. If you want to enter just be a subscriber and comment on the video. Mention your from Tnet in the comment. Good...
  8. Vanquish Software Update 1.1

  9. Steve's Detector Rods - Totally Awesome!

    One day ill turn my Nox into a lambo with a Steves rod. Right now its like a supped up Honda because i still have the detect ed but a Steves cam lock on it.
  10. Equinox V3 Depth Requests And Iron

    Most Everything rings Higher! I dug some foil and that stayed low have not had it on a relic site yet. Just hit a park to see how she purred.
  11. Equinox V3 Depth Requests And Iron

    Wow! Never knew that. i thought smokey was a guy. So sorry. Im an a@@!
  12. Equinox V3 Update - Deep Silver Test

    My custom for relics is park 1 recovery 5 or 6 FE0. I like park 2 as well but its a little sparky for the cellar holes i hunt.
  13. Equinox V3 Update - Deep Silver Test

    Heres an update.
  14. Equinox V3 Depth Requests And Iron

  15. Equinox V3 Update - Deep Silver Test

    And yes I totally agree with you. I built my test garden with all types of targets some deep some with iron, most around 8 inches To see What the VdI is, see if its stable, some next to iron, and a couple Deep at 9+. But you are right you cant simulate most of the real world in your own yard. I...