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  1. Lightning strikes twice!!!

    If you read my post from yesterday, I found my first two large cents. Went back to my buddy’s farm to hunt the same spot. About an hour of hunting and I found two more. An 1831 and a 1835. Haven’t cleaned them up as I just got home. Something that is interesting and not sure how significant it...
  2. Found my two oldest coins, three firsts, and need ID help.

    So I finally got back into my friends 1790’s farm for some hunting. Started out super slow just digging trash, then got a great signal from under an old clothes line. About 4” down and out popped an 1943S walking liberty half (first half found). After that found a few wheats (1920 and 1918) in...
  3. New to detecting and having some beginners luck!!

    So…. I usually don’t post but today I feel like I need to. So I purchased a Nox 800 back in March (have about 30 hrs on it) and have had some luck (wheats, couple Indians, and a couple buffaloes), but silver had been eluding me. Well last week I found my first silver, a 1905 micro o barber...
  4. They are HERE

    Here in Ohio I’ve seen all 2021P denominations including both quarter designs.
  5. Overly struck penny worth anything?

    This is a dryer coin. I’ve seen quite a few. You can tell by the way the edges are starting to roll outwards, toward the face of the coin.
  6. friends coins

    They all look like die deterioration.
  7. 2002D ohio quarter with rough surface

    Looks like it has seen an acid bath
  8. Just curious

    I’m supposed to pick up my regular 6 boxes tomorrow. I’ll just take extra precaution with touching anything while in not touching anything until my hands have been thoroughly disinfected. And then cleaning my workstation with a bleach water mix.
  9. Half dollar error or PMD?

    Looks like it was exposed to acid.
  10. Found this 1965 Quarter. Is it a DDO?

    This looks like die deterioration.
  11. West Point quarters

    FYI Just read in coin world that the mint will continue The west point quarters in 2020. Still 2 million minted per design. Privy mark on the obverse. I think it said the mark Will be “PV75” The article stated that the mint is going to try To distribute the coins more evenly throughout The...
  12. Proof Washington $1?

    That’s a proof
  13. ID - P =W, W, W, W,W, W, W, W, W, W, W, W, W, W, W, W, W, W (new math)

    I’ve searched 14000 and have found 10 “W”s. Still haven’t found an SA or ID. Have found 4 sliver with the earliest being a 1944.
  14. Thought I had a $500 skunk box.... but not so fast!!!

    Congrats on the W’s. I’ve searched 6k and have found 8. Still have yet to find a single San Antonio. Keep us posted!
  15. I must be doing something wrong - two more "W" quarters in change

    I’ve gone through about 5k in quarters in the last two months. Found 5 W’s.