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  • hey i found the oldest park in lincoln city that was ceeded to lincoln city when it was established its even older than the city itself ,and i can metal detect on it,its Regatta park right above devils lake im about to tear it up over there lol well thats the latest from me good hunting
    hello well i went to the historic museum today and was able to look at aeveral photos of taft and and the brige over schooner creek at the sothern edge of lincoln city and found some good places to look i also went to the baseball field only there for 20 minutes before the rain started but it appears there are logs a few inches under the grass almost like they were placed there purposly ill be going back as soon as the weather clears also i found out all blm land in oregon is ok to metal detect in got that from the districed office myself today hows your hunts going ? any new finds ?
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