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  1. Alaskan Bush Prospecting

    My dad was once going to do this trip .. There a place called May creek his family had a gold mine there at the base of Mount Holmes . There a 6000 Lb copper /gold nugget that was lost in the river there .. Remember pans and hands only those kings men guard the gold and please don/t feed the...
  2. Could a iron meteorite cause this ?

    U might have a bullseye there . Funny thing is down at the end of the river the sulfur on the surface so is a volcanic vent . I don't remember sulfur where the water changes to rust but underground down at the bedrock any thing possible , sulfur very common in this area , but this seems to occur...
  3. Could a iron meteorite cause this ?

    I have a small river what u might call a stream . One length of the river is clear water then it turns into a rust river . I don't think this is caused by run off . This river is unique i never seen nothing like it . What is the probable cause ? A vane of iron ore , A area of magnetite bedrock...
  4. Magnetic heavy sand

    Am not a miner but on this side of the world its PPM on i think 30 gram sample , if the assay was done by other methods the sample would be 50 grams or a kilo . My teacher said that its not worth the investment of a flask of mercury and a ball mill the assay has to be much higher on a small...
  5. Magnetic heavy sand

    I have another question i noticed in the area of where this sand comes from there a very high rate of birth defects i seen this first hand . After reading some articles about Coal , Copper, Cobalt ...and they mention Pb , Cd Cr, Hg ...Large scale mining was done in this area 50-100 years ago on...
  6. Magnetic heavy sand

    I guess you read what i read that place was a hot spring and a tourist site . And famous for head hunters aka terrorist back in the 90s . Thanks again winners58 at least somebody here the real deal
  7. Magnetic heavy sand

    I have some questions . Let me state am not a miner . I was going over the reasons of public safety where am at and found what the main problem might be Radioactive Th and U i seen that the crust levels are Th 9.6 ppm U 2.7 ppm in heavy sands these numbers could be 10x higher am guessing . This...
  8. Magnetic heavy sand

    MERCURY gets Au , Ag , Cu and a few others ?
  9. Magnetic heavy sand

    Winner58 thank you for the info and that web site i guess where your at the sands are great
  10. Magnetic heavy sand

    Its illegal for me to do anything where am at so don't worry to much about where your at because its only a matter of time . Mining will be illegal everywhere just like firearms because we all endanger the public safety . Sorry for the wording but am straight forward .
  11. Magnetic heavy sand

    I was wondering on what method of extraction one would use on heavy black sand with a Assay of Au 12 ppm , Pd 5 ppm , Pt 20 ppm ? What method would have the least overhead for equipment and materials ? What method would be the most profitable with unlimited ore ? What size should the ore be...
  12. Possible impact area ?

    I have a area nearby that has 2 crater lakes they say are volcanic . To me its possible they are impact craters i could be totally wrong . It seems that the 2 craters are between 4 hills and the 2 big volcano (2000 meters) cones are to the West and South . The big lake 90 meters deep . Am...
  13. Rescearching possible treasure ship

    The search area is highway 50 marker to 75 marker . The Patrol Craft am guessing is 173 feet long 284 tons steel hull light cruiser is 550 feet long with 3 stacks . And the hospital ship ??? 200 to 500 feet long . Any info would be helpful
  14. Rescearching possible treasure ship

    The spot you show in the water (100 feet marker 67 ? ) if i remember right is probably a US landing craft (victor 2 ) ) that was used to attack the other location you marked inland (Cave made by Japanese ) . What was described to my dad by fishermen .. If not that It could be one of the 6 US pt...