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  • Chris, check you Muck email , sent a photo of a UNK token. I was given to ID a few hundred tokens/coins/medals from my bike riding buddy, he received them from his great grandfather. Some very intersting relics for sure, no big ticket items but dozens and dozens of 20-100 dollar range stuff. Lots of Hard Times Tokens, CW Store Cards/Tokens, Candadian coins/tokens, British coins, Spanish silver and copper, a few Conn Coppers , 1 NJ, a few KGII, a few Irish quite a few 1800s British and Irish, Oriental coins, Belgium, Peru, Brazil, Netherlands, lots of German, etc..............
    You are 100% correct. It is not Tnet. Nothing feels the same. I see the same avatars around the boards, but it feels different. I do not like it one bit. I may officially be done sharing my finds. The lack of views on the threads are way down. That is not a good sign, man. Sad days.

    So what's with having both visitor messages and private messages. I can see why some would leave, it's just not the same.
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