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  1. Finally Broke The Streak

    Great box finds. Glad you finally got it. Congratulations.
  2. Seminole War Fort Coin

    That was worth the dig. Congrats.
  3. Awesome weekend at our favorite park!

    Your group got some really cool finds. Congrats to all.
  4. Low mintage 1811 capped dime large cent and more

    And you found all that on my birthday. Congrats.
  5. Found under floorboard in old house in Denver Colorado

    That was a great find. Congratulations.
  6. Please help identify this thing! Was 1ft deep!

    My guess is rusty metal of some sort.:headbang:
  7. Hey guys nothing big to brag on but sometimes it is the little things

    Good finds. I like New Orleans. Congrats.
  8. Indian happy dance

    Good find. That is a good year. Congrats.
  9. Old license tag

    A find is a find. Congrats.
  10. Virgin Ground Again

    Great finds. Congratulations.
  11. RING , very old............

    I like that find. Congrats.
  12. German WW2 helmet & old badge ( the face by dog )

    Das ist good treasure. Congratulations.
  13. Old Louis and the George brothers said hello

    Some good looking metal. Keep it up. Congrats.
  14. Texas Treasures

    Nice finds and as everyone said, the arrowhead is super.