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  1. Use light to show treasure

    To make your treasures shine and be more legible, light coins and other treasure from the side with a flashlight instead of overhead. See photos.
  2. Coin?!?

    To help protect the Savannah river, Fort Screven was commissioned by the army in 1899 on the northern end of Tybee Island Georgia. Except for the area surrounding the lighthouse and bunkers, most of the land and buildings are now in private hands. While detecting on a private wooded lot, I found...
  3. 1715 coins never were circulated

    In the early 1960s, the Virgin Islands government began dredging sand out of Gregerie channel to fill a swampy area of Crown Bay, St Thomas. Gregerie Channel was traditionally used as a staging (parking) area for boats waiting to have their cargo offloaded in the Charlotte Amalie harbor. In...
  4. Newbie with an old unit

    Great machine. I bought one just like it because they work so well. Once you learn its language, it will serve you well.
  5. Button Identification

    This button is about the size of a nickel. Flat on the front and says "London" on the back with 3 stars. Where can I find the age?
  6. WW1 coin locket

    I found what I thought was a WW1 memorial coin in a vacant lot in Fort Screven on Tybee Island, Ga. After cleaning, I noticed it was made with 2 pieces. Knowing I might ruin it, I decided to pry it open with a knife. What I found was a WW1 memorial locket coin. I've had no luck finding anything...