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  1. Wagon Train Attacked by Indians (1858)

    Interesting side note to this story is that under general Johnson’s command, William Quantrill was hired as a teamster for the expedition to Utah, it ts said Quantrill earned a lot of gold playing poker at fort bridger…….
  2. 1924 mail train robbery
  3. 1924 mail train robbery

    This was the great train robbery by the newton brothers in roundout Illinois, great story.
  4. Snake Guard recommendations

    I wear Danner Sharptail boots, been struck a few times by copperheads, once by a rattler, never got through the boot , also very comfortable to walk all day in.
  5. Cave Treasure

    Travel north up rt 1, east of cadiz, lots of relics to find where the old Potts tavern was
  6. Knights of the Golden Circle, Order of American Knights, Freemasons and Kabbalah

    Is this the Robert Morris from Kentucky ? If so, I have many letters from him to my GGG Grandfather, as grandad was a “Masonic conservator” which apparently got him banned from many masons halls...
  7. The Square Round Table

    Last known location in jimtown was the church Feature Name:Jimtown Church (historical) Category:Missouri physical, cultural and historic features Feature Type:Cultural Class:Church County:Andrew County Latitude:39.8286054 Longitude:-94.8194101 GNIS ID:746498
  8. Woodsman of the world question

    A recent family death provided me some old bibles and diaries which led me to this forgotten cemetary once again, there is something here, I just need to discern it. The farther I dig into history and the ground, the more fascinated I get.
  9. Woodsman of the world question

    Relevantchair: thank you for the reference, I didn't know the previously allowed blacks in wow..
  10. Woodsman of the world question

    Kace: there are 2 names on it, woman died in 1904' man in 1911. The back has an area that has been chipped off and defaced, so not sure if it is official WOW or not. It is located in the north west section of pope county IL, an area where there were very few blacks, and none had any money to...
  11. Woodsman of the world question

    Hi all, Has anyone ever come across a WOW headstone in an "old" black cemetary? The cemetery hasn't been used since the 1911 and all the other stones are very basic, or just rocks except for the standing tree... Inscription reads: ‘For there is hope of a tree if it be cut down that it...