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  1. Redesigning my prep lab with a microscope!

    Spring is in the air and its time to get back out for more fossil collecting. But more fossils means I need to update my prep lab! In this video I start the process of a complete overhaul of my work space. Tear down and rebuild the work bench, design and build a model for a new blast box...
  2. Prepping an ammonite from Lake Texhoma

    Its a sandblasting cabinet I use for air-abrasion. I use it on most of them.
  3. Prepping an ammonite from Lake Texhoma

    OK, I missed the Fossil Friday post by a day. The cold weather lately has kept me indoors and away from fossil exploration, so here is a partial prep of a partial ammonite from the Lake Texhoma Duck creek fm. Prepping something no true separation of "fossil" and matrix is quite challenging...
  4. Fossil prep tools - Maintaining your air scribes

    Today's Fossil Friday contribution is about the chicago pneumatic air scribes. Periodic maintenance is highly important, but many new owner dont know how or are intimidated to open them up.
  5. How to find your own fossil collecting sites

    Good morning, and welcome to another Fossil Friday! Its been a while, but I have a new video up, this one is aimed at the beginners. Offering up some advice on where and how to begin finding their own fossil collecting sites. Now, I would like some feedback on this from anyone already...
  6. Texas-sized ammonites

    ok, I'm drawing a blank. Obviously you see something to collect it, but I can't make out what it will be.
  7. Texas-sized ammonites

    oh my! thats fabulous! Is this from either the Niobrara or white river by chance? I'd love to read / see more on this beauty.
  8. Texas-sized ammonites

    thank you, that means a lot to me. I've been around the forums a long time I know most people dont post general replies. I've always felt the fossil forum was a bit neglected (I mean it IS a metal detecting forum) so I thought I'd share my dino and fossil hunts to keep it a little more active.
  9. Texas-sized ammonites

    Happy Fossil Friday everyone! In today's video offering, I sneak across the border into Texas to hunt for those Texas-sized ammonites, and I met another YouTuber on the way.
  10. Green River fish prep

    I talk about my tools and setup here: The main tool is a air scribe (Chicago Pneumatic CP9160 ). The micro air-abrasion is using bicarbonate soda (baking soda). If you can actually see the media stream from the air pen, you have way, WAY, WAAAY too much media coming out. Just and FYI, this...
  11. It was a baculites graveyard

    Fossil Friday once again! This is the last of the South Dakota exploration trip, hunting the Pierre shale for cephalopods and hopefully a mosasaur. Although the first half of the Pierre shale exploration went pretty slow, it wasnt without a few nice finds. The second part, we were extremely...
  12. Dinosaur Hunting - South Dakota fun part 2

    Happy New Year's eve to all. I hope everybody has a fun and safe celebration tonight, and prosperous new year filled with many wonderful fossils! Today is also Fossil Friday, and as such, I offer up for tribute my newest installment in fossil hunting adventures.
  13. South Dakota fossil exploration trip - part 1

    Happy Christmas eve, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a prosperous new year! It may be Christmas eve, but its also Friday, which means its a Fossil Friday. I missed las week due to being sick. Today's video offering is from the first day of a long, multi-day fossil exploration trip in South...
  14. Fossil hunting lake Texoma

    Fossil Friday! Today's FF video post is from Lake Texoma. We made our first ever trip to lake Texoma to search the duck creek formation for ammonites. After much research and planning, we arrived to find we could not access the locations we wanted, so we ended up scouting around. It turned...
  15. Green River fish prep

    Welcome to another Fossil Friday! My video today is my first time prepping a fish from the Green River formation, 18-inch layer. This fossil was from recovered from outside of Kemmerer, WY by a friend, Kris Howe.