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  • Howdy Jon! Has that deep thaw started yet? Our rivers have been really high for a few weeks, but last weekend was low enough for me and Pete to make it out and do some digging. We were out for a few hours, and got some good fiver gold.....been out lately?

    Aw Yeah!! I found a big plastic tub that I can transport it in, as well as use for a recirculation tub if not enough water is present! Then I bought a long lasting marine battery so I can run it for at least 16 hours at a time (like I would ever run for 16 hours at once, but to be able to go out for a few days on only one battery would be great!) Hows the eternal hunt for the great golden treasure going for you?

    Heres hoping the Pats CRUSH the Broncs on sunday...and as you can probably imagine, cant wait for the Seahawks to drown the 49ers!
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