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  • Hi,

    Congrats on a great hunt! I have 4 qustions for you...
    1. Would you be willing to sell the USA button?
    2. What area was the button found?
    3. If you would like to sell the button, how much would you ask?
    4. If you would like to sell the button, could you send me a picture of the back?

    I enjoy searching for Rev War relics but am yet to find the USA button.

    LOL, well Chris, maybe I need more than reading glasses ! I love finding relics like that myself. Mostly I hit the old cellar holes and home sites in the middle of the woods but I do have a few old farm fields I've been meaning to try. It IS nice to live in MA. We don't ever have to drive too far to get a chance to put the coil over something really old. Take care!

    Jeff, It's an old man with a mustache and big nose,does look like a Lion or big Cat.Farm field find,I just LOVE those old farmfields! God Bless Chris
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