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  1. Brad Martin GMMD YouTube channel

    I just watched Brad's latest video and he was using the XP Deus with the small HF coil.
  2. Pull tabs

    You did not say what frequency you are running. I often use 17 Khz and find there is a difference between pull tabs and Nickels. Generally tabs come in at 66 to 68 and nickels are from 61 to 64. I say generally because there are exceptions and I will get a low 60's reading and dig up a pull...
  3. Much Better Than A Wheat Penny!

    The Nickel is the wild card pulling things down. If it had only been one dime the average would have been even lower. From what I have seen a nickel will always dominate. Jerry
  4. XP Deus Update?

    For most of last summer I did not have a problem either but I was hunting on almost a daily basis. However it was when there was a week or two in between hunting trips that it started showing up. I had several hunts where the the WS-5's were dead and had to plug another headphone into the...
  5. XP Deus Update?

    I did the update to 5.21 a couple of weeks ago. It asked for the coil to be connected to the charger too. The update did correct the problem I was having with the headphones discharging when not in use. I am happy with the way it works. Jerry
  6. Double D Coil vs Concentric

    I understand the differences and the advantage and disadvantages of both the concentric and DD coils. I have both and use both. For large open areas that are not littered with trash I prefer the large concentric. For very trashy area where target separation becomes important, I use the DD. Jerry
  7. IMHO.. AT PRO and Gold should have been the same machine

    The Pro and Gold are optimized for different things. I think there are only so many things you can put into a detector before you risk making a "Swiss Army Knife" that does a lot of things but none of them well. I also think that there is enough room feature wise for at least one more detector...
  8. Do You dig everything?

    It really depends on how I am feeling at the time. I am at the age where I can only get down and back up again so many time during a days hunt so I tend to conserve my energies for something other than trash. Besides that it depends a lot on the area I am hunting. Some parks have a virtual...
  9. Now The Pressure Is On

    It looks like you are learning your detector. As you are finding out, the more you learn, the more fun it is. Sports fields offer several aspects. In general, it is the spectator areas that produce the most finds. In the case of foot ball fields, it really depends on the layout of the field...
  10. Garretts new detector is........... The AT GOLD!!!

    I had been thinking about getting a second At Pro. Now it may be an At Gold. I really like that settable threshold feature. I would pay the difference in price to have it added to the At Pro so it is an easy decision for me. Jerry
  11. Metal detecting will land you in the Hospital!!

    Been there, done that. Don't wish it on anyone. One thing that is very, very important. Pay close attention to and follow the rehab to the letter. Most of all, avoid doing more than you should (Most everything) after you start to feel better. It is a real danger, you will need that time to heal...
  12. Another site lost

    It might be interesting to find out where they hauled the dirt from the foundation. With a building that large, much of had to have been hauled off site. Just a thought. Jerry
  13. digging a plug

    I agree that there is no substitute for good pinpointing. Anything withing a couple inches of the surface is popped out with a screwdriver which saves a lot of time in not having to dig. However when I do dig, I cut a generous flap with a large enough ball of dirt to insure that the grass will...
  14. Questin: Finding Rings With A Garrett

    Silver rings generally ring up as dimes or quarters. Gold is more problematic since they fall in the range of many types of pull tabs and even foil. From reading of the forums and from people I know, it seems that the people who are willing to dig the most aluminum junk are also the ones who...
  15. Captain Morgans Pirate shipwreck discovered!!!

    Maybe they will have Geraldo Rivera do the honors of opening of the chests. :headbang: