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  1. ~lightning bug~

  2. The open-space & green belts

    most enjoyable. do you know what bush or tree the green berries are
  3. Paper Ships

  4. ~lightning bug~

  5. Rapala

    went with moonstone and lapis. your fishing lure sounded like a good one. to bad he got away.
  6. Had a pretty good hunt!

    that moon piece is interesting the flashlight is so cool n the thimble is nice too it would be nice to find an old one
  7. Rapala

    I enjoy the fishing stories. first it was a wall piece. now I want to wear as necklace n added white leather to the chain . thanks for your thoughts.
  8. Wood Spirit

    I like them . the local wood shop says basswood is good for carving .
  9. At least a walk

    walks are what we need. i like the color of the quarter n the frog is so cute.
  10. Rapala

    Rapala countdown Finland vintage, 2 1/4" x 1 " hello everyone, found this fishing lure. the hooks were missing , i added small beads , moonstone and few more plus chain.
  11. Colonial Gold Earring

    the tiny antique flow blue china is pretty
  12. Nice Spring Day in the Rockies

    very beautiful
  13. small glass and rock

    went out for an hour few small pieces here
  14. ~labradorite seahorse~

    two new rocks not sure what they are . I will let you know when I find out .
  15. tiger lily

    hi, new tiger lily flower. found a small stone earlier in the week and made a seahorse .