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  • Hello Jewelerdave,

    I have a few questions. I've been enjoying panning and working the miller table with my kids and have drummed up some gold. Living where I live, there is tons of extremely small flour gold to recover a mile down the road. Much of what I have recovered is flour gold with black sand. As I understand the refining process, it removes most of the other metals. So, my question. Being new to this sport, what should my ratio be when I send in micro gold? Should it be visually 90% gold, 10% iron and other minerals. Or is a 50/50 ration suitable? Or is there even more latitude?

    If I were to send you the flour gold with other materials as it is impossible to be left with just fine flour gold, would you process? Or do i need to get to a certain ratio of gold to bi-product? 90/10, 50/50?
    how can you tell if its flour gold and not mica??? I pan in Buckingham,Amherst, Prince Edward and Appomatox County in VA
    Hi...after posting in the prospector's forum that I was interested in selling 7.5 grams of fines and asking for referrals to buyers, your name came up. "Astrobouncer" stated you paid 95% of pure (assuming that means assayed purity?). Since this is the first time I will be selling gold, I wanted to be sure I understood the terms associated with selling. Other replies made reference to, ie: "90% of spot". Does that imply that some buyers are offering 90% of current market value without first assaying? I live in Lake Havasu, AZ and if I decided to work with you, can only assume I would have to ship my gold to you, since your company name is Midwest Refineries? Is it pretty safe to ship gold?


    -Don Burda
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