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  1. andrew jackson 1829 gold gilt back buttons

    today i found 5 of them all in the same hole. what a great year so far pics to follow shortly thanks. jfxjake
  2. My best day so far...TWO GW BUTTONS!!!~Updated photo, a bit more clean...

    Re: My best day so far...TWO GW BUTTONS!!! banner! way better then all the jersey horse head colonials ive been digging lately,
  3. Finally something to brag about-Silver and Gold weekend-UPDATED PICS

    how did you get it so clean? i mean it must of had incrusted dirt in the inclusions and lettering?
  4. Colonial Soccer Field

    old house spot. be carefull you dont get run out.
  5. Looking for people to detect with

    i was just up near west chester pa metal detecting a old estaste on boot road
  6. 🥇 BANNER I STILL CANT BELIEVE IT-! chain-cent 1793.

    the site is still producing
  7. Help with 6000di sl pro

    bad signal balance it happened on both my 6000/5900 and a new coil only masked the problem it came back.
  8. Help with 6000di sl pro

    your signal balance is bad. send it to whites
  9. what are the best grey ghost headphones

    save your money. calrad 21.95 are fine.
  10. New Video- Detecting 1780s cellar hole in NH woods

    Re: New Video- Detecting 1780's cellar hole in NH woods good video. nice bunch of hunters
  11. found fedex.

    on my doorstep my new e-trac cant wait. my anolog days are over after 21-years. it great to be me today!
  12. 1797 George Washington Presidency Resigned Medal (Updated)

    Re: 1797 George Washington Presidency Resigned Medal + #5 NJ copper for 2011 dont you collect jersey coppers don?
  13. 7th Large Copper for the year, but not 1700s this time

    wow. had did you clean up that coin so nice (trade secret). i have 9 largies still soaking from jan 12 on. check them every week and they still dont look that good? comon don whats your secret :dontknow:
  14. Counterfeit 1851 $5 Gold Piece....

    thats still a excellent find. i found a dollar liberty this past summer plated gold. man what a rush. yea its was fake as they come.