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  1. First hour with the Legend

    Very nice! I only had a chance to dig a few targets with the problems I was having with the original firmware, but I also experienced that they did not pinpoint well. The update was night and day, right on target.
  2. First hour with the Legend

    Installed the new firmware last night and that fixed the problem!! Had about an hour this morning at a park before work, and the machine worked flawlessly. I was able to run at 25/26 sensitivity with no problem. Hit a similar amount of clad as you, as well as the head of a stainless steel...
  3. First hour with the Legend

    Certainly my first thought too, but my CTX is perfectly quite in the same location, and multifrequency in Field mode on the Legend is fine. Weird, and just my luck! :-\:-\
  4. First hour with the Legend

    Thanks for the suggestion, I have not tried shifting frequencies. Will give that a try, as well as firmware update!
  5. First hour with the Legend

    Thanks for the welcome. Yes, I've checked YouTube and found at least one other person reporting a similar issue. I'm relatively new back to the hobby, but have some previous experience and have a CTX 3030 that I'm doing quite well with. Not meaning my first post to be a bash on the Legend, as...
  6. First hour with the Legend

    It's great to see these results, as I've had nothing but frustration with my Legend copy. It's useless in Park mode, constantly chattering and falsing unless sensitivity is turned down to nearly zero. Field mode seems to work ok, so it appears to be either a software or hardware issue. New...