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  • Yeah...I like that Owyhee country. I've spent some time down there, hunting. Never have done any detecting down there, though. Hope you have a great
    season. I've located an old airport terminal bldg. near Pocatello, and also an old, long-defunct sort of RV park. Will be hitting them this spring. Once the snow melts in the high country, I'm heading for the old silver ledge I found last year...still have lots of ground to cover up there, looking/hoping for an additional deposit.
    I shift around, but during winter months I stick to Treasure Valley area most the time, with family. I only do city park hunts after a rodeo or fair. Mostly combine fly fishing/camping/treasure hunting along rivers and old settler spots. I finally obtained a detector and am already having lots of fun with it. Right away I started digging stuff. Nothing really of much note, but still interesting and fun. As soon as the thaw sets in, I plan to trek out to Silver City area. An old abandoned town south of Marsing. Heard the digs there could be very historic. The old Horseshoe Bend area and old town site of Middleton have rumors of lots of nice finds, too. Those are all within my scope of access, so I'm ready as soon as the weather gets presentable. Keep an eye out for my posts. I will share my finds and post any good tips for all who are interested. Prosper in 2013! - JSpinner
    Hello Jim in Idaho. It's nice to see a fellow Idahoan here. Keep me posted on your finds & I could always use great tips. Prosper in 2013. JSpinner
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