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  1. Is nobody using their Tesoro lately?

    when you are ready, you might try the 540 vanquish from Minelab. if ever there was a '"sleeper" upon introduction, then this detector is it! I'm no mouthpiece for Minelab,but this little detector is really a "'stunning" coin sniper. it's "short money" lightweight, and Multi-iq. simple to operate...
  2. Is nobody using their Tesoro lately?

    I know that feeling! I'm loaded with aches and soreness from having a bad knee (bone on bone), but I gotta tell ya when it comes to getting out to detect,i force myself through the pain, and make it work for me! I use a 31" t handled "sampson" as a cane,and a digging tool, and it allows me to...
  3. Suggestions on where to find a coil for a Mojave?

    ironically, after the Mojave was released, Tesoro started making the 7" precision coil available as an "accessory" coil for other 5-pin my view, this speaks volumes for the coil itself. I believe the m.s.r.p. was $99.50.they are all "long gone" now! ..just sayin' (h.h.!) j.t.
  4. Tesoro headquarter tours?

    curious as I have not seen anything that claims the factory was sold? anybody up to date on this? just wondering (h.h.!) j.t.
  5. Suggestions on where to find a coil for a Mojave?

    believe it or not, people with "tons" of experience using tesoros indicate that the 7" precision coil the mojave come with IS the best coil for it! i have the mojave,and have always used the 7 with terrific results (h.h.!) j.t.
  6. Is nobody using their Tesoro lately?

    the simple build quality of a tesoro cannot be over stated. they are really tough as you are so well aware. yes! the purity of the analog signal is something to behold. i don't leave my mojave in my car during the winter, but i'll bet i could and get away with it. i DO sometimes leave it in the...
  7. Is nobody using their Tesoro lately?

    it's NOT a's made by minelab,and is a multi-frequency detector. (h.h.!) j.t.
  8. Is nobody using their Tesoro lately?

    that's unfortunate was "not' aware the silver umax lost depth, but then again, i have never owned one either. i have a "mojave" and it does "not" lose depth, and ''assumed" that they were all the same! apparently not! (h.h.!) j.t.
  9. Is nobody using their Tesoro lately?

    it is true! the best way is to bury targets in a 'coin garden" and go over them so your brain will make the 'connect' if you will.lots of people learned the tesoro by just using it in the field, and remembering what targets sound like after "going over them frequently!" this is time consuming...
  10. Is nobody using their Tesoro lately?

    what you say is true for tesoro!..thay need to be learned. the 'distinctive " audio is what it's all about.if you don't learn the audio ,then using the tesoro can be exasperating. the only other way to use a tesoro,is to "crank" the discriminator up past 'pull tab" and go at it! once "mastered"...
  11. Is nobody using their Tesoro lately?

    not to worry! multi-iq on th vanquish is new technology. the van quish also uses 5 distinctive tones which makes determining the target easier. tesoro utilizing a single tone makes you a much better hunter because you need to train your brain as to what may be good and what may be junk...
  12. Is nobody using their Tesoro lately?

    if you grab the "vanquish" you won't regret it! i have the 540 "pro-pack" detector is really good.truly a 'sleeper" upon introduction!.8" coil is great in the crap! 12" coil great for open field running! multi-iq at a great price point! (h.h.!) j.t.
  13. Is nobody using their Tesoro lately?

    waitin' on my knee a chance to feel better by resting some. be back wackin' curb strips with the mojave in a few months hopefully (h.h.!) j.t.
  14. Just when I think I'm done with Tesoro's, I buy another one.

    you will love it."crackerjack" junk hunter! i use mine for mostly ''curb strips" perfect for that! the 7" coil is a perfect match. be a ''classic" in a few years. (h.h.!) j.t.
  15. Tesoro Mods??

    excellent point, and "right" as rain! very telling modulated audio, that once learned, offers so much pure "fun" for the money! best value in the game. jack gifford "knew" this as he designed the analog circuitry, and it's really the main reason why, he hesitated to go digital, even when the...