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  • Hello John, i live in the monroe wingate area, i actually joined the website for the mattews group earlier this month, i had sent the same message out there some people are looking for hunting friends and they ask to met up at the next meeting next tuesday i think, as of know i am planning on going to check it out and meet some potential hunting friends to get out with and do some hunting, if your are going to to be there it would be nice to meet you and discuss the other club and or hunting some together, thanks for the invite, im sorry i didnt respond sooner i just seen the notification today.
    I live in Mint Hill. Ive been hunting for 3 yrs and belong to the club in Rock Hill. Im a officer in the club and would like to invite you to join us. Not sure where you live so may be to far to go for you. There is also a club in Matthews. I know alot of those guys and could intro you if you would like to try their club. Im going to join it also this month. If you would like to talk I am hunting today but will be through around 3pm. My phone number is 704-526-5296. Check out my recent post below this one by Shovelnose my online name. HH John Roach
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