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  1. Old Ring with Engraving!

    That's an awesome find.Hope ya can figure something out on it.good luck
  2. Circa 1900 homesite today need ID on this HALLMARK and STERLING ??????

    Wow I like that.It sure is in great shape. Nice
  3. Shoulder scale, buttons, knapsack hooks, oh my!

    You're defiantly suckin the bottom out of that place.Sweet recoveries. Wow

    Man that's one thick
  5. Capped Bust, Clipped Reale and the Riders.

    Boy yaw are still getting some very cool things from there.Always great when it a site keeps producing. Keep up the great work
  6. maybe a silver button, blank

    Nice big ole button.
  7. Found this in my backyard in Ct, lived here for 8 yrs , built in 1960

    That's a good backyard find.really unique.
  8. A Barber and a key from the wagon trails.

    You're defiantly in good spot there.very nice recoveries. Way to go
  9. ATTIC FIND! Summer - Winter flask with a poison label !

    Boy I like that bottle never saw one like that before and that match safe sounds pretty cool to.keep us posted on the finds.
  10. 4 Indians, silver and relics

    Those ate some very nice finds.really like that old valve its got some serious detail on it.

    Same here Kuger I've never seen one before neither and it's in great shape to.Banner vote in.way to go
  12. Best hunt this year

    Awesome finds man
  13. Harp

    Boy I like that and it's still intact to.made in England I'd say it's pretty old though.
  14. Peru to Colorado in one city. PLUS: *A brush with death!*

    Cool finds.Glad ya didn't get hurt.That would be good hunt there.
  15. Hard to follow up the Morgan on Saturday....but

    Hey alright sweet silver