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  1. The Road to Hewitt Canyon

    Hewitt Canyon Wildlife
  2. Got A Rock you Want Identified? Post it here! gimme a good picture or 3 or 4!

    I had to down size the photo significantly to load it up, but theres looks to be wire gold and flecks, I'm going to scrape up the floor and bring it home in some buckets and see whats in the pan
  3. The Road to Hewitt Canyon

  4. Superstitions Canyon Lake

    I have a lot of awesome photos of Arizona, and thanks for the comments :)
  5. Superstitions Canyon Lake

    I've been there and didn't hear anything at night except coyotes
  6. I See a Claim Jumper

    I have a Barrett .50 Cal, if someone shoots at me... I will return the fire and hey Huckleberry... I'll put a slug in your brothers engine block if he shoots at my tires
  7. Is the Pit Mine really the Lost Dutchman mine?

    I was way up fish creek and found a juniper tree growing amongst saguaros and no other juniper trees for miles in a very rugged remote location near Apache Res., now maybe its a random tree and not sayin its ol dutch's place either, but just perplexed but it could be nothing, I dont want to post...
  8. I See a Claim Jumper

    I have a 12 inch lifted Jeep, oh by the way... smile and wave all you want Huckleberry.
  9. I See a Claim Jumper


    supposedly someone brought in some wire gold from the supers but didnt address the location even though the country side has been scoured, and perhaps it was way up fish creek then others think or thought, and perhaps in an area closer to proximity than others thought and over looked... if I had...
  11. Is the Pit Mine really the Lost Dutchman mine?

    I don't beleive the pit mine is the dutchman but possibly just a random mine or someones diggings from years past
  12. The Latin Heart and LDM Canyon

    what are we looking at here?