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  • Well brother I am in. just let me know. I was going to try the at pro, but for now i will stay with the fisher. I still want an at pro but as soon as I can sell my pistol its on
    hi john my name is sandra I live in Albany Or looking forward to some time on the beach , have had my metal detector for 6 months a lot going on and now I feel I can breath a bit easier can you suggest a place?
    Hello John I live on the Oregon coast, Hunting has been slow here. I have the fisher f75 But I hope to change that soon.
    Hi JohnChase! No, I haven't found anything too interesting yet, I've only been detecting for 2 months, I've found 4 or 5 wheat pennies so far and clad, a few tokens that were kind of interesting. I hope you have happy hunting in Vancouver! I've seen some video's on youtube by metaldetectingoregon where he found some silver at a Vancouver School. As far as hunting OC, the only place there I've been so far is a few times to Clackamette park. Any suggestions? I'm in the Clackamas area and Portland being close so I need to hit more of their parks and schools before the new school year begins. Happy hunting
    Hi JohnChase, being from Oregon, I just joined your Oregon Treasure Hunters group. I'm new to the hobby, been at it hard since May, making lots of progress, bought an AT Pro for my first detector. I've hunted a bit in the Oregon City area, mainly Clackamette Park. I'm in the Clackamas area. I saw you started the group and are in the area so wanted to stop in and say hello!

    Don aka McClod
    Hey check out the rings I found at my local park. See if you can tell me anything about the rings. I post ed them on todays finds. Thanks, John
    I found the 1880 indian head penny in the park next to my house. It is a really small park & more then likely some kid there must have had it in the pocket as small change. The penny is well worn. I will try to post some pictures of my finds including the rings I have found. I was a little disappointed with Kellyco on the shipping cost & return cost but I learned a good lesson on mail order items. But I ended up with two metal detectors versus one. I got both the at pro & at gold with the garrett ext as package & also got the 4.5" sniper coil. That coil is awesome for trashy areas & pin points on a dime for accurate digging as compared to the large search coil. Well enough for now later, John
    Well I bought the nokta from Kellyco & got it together the same day I received it. Thought it would be great but turned out not so great. Turned on the detector & it never stopped beeping just a constant steady tone. Contacted Kellyco & they had me send it back. The down side of it was I got charged $47.00 for shipping to me & then had to turn around & send it back for another $30.00 to Kellyco. They said it was bad so they offered to give me another one but I decided to go with the Garrett AT Pro & the Garrett AT Gold. Boy I really came out good there. I have been using it about three times now & have found two rings a 1880 indian head penny & lots of clad coins oh & also a pocket knife. I checked out the Oregon detector club seems interesting, I live in the Boardman, Or. area very near the columbia river & have already found a local that likes to detect also he is using a whites detector. If you get near this area or I venture out on a road trip this summer give me a holler. John
    Just got started with a new AT Pro fro Garrett. I had to send the Nokta Golden Sense back to Kellyco. The thing never worked from being new out of the box. Made me think if a company sells a new product with out checking there quality control a bit closer then what good are they. I ended up buying both the AT Pro & the AT Gold packages from Kellyco. I have already started finding coins in the park but I am really wanting to try out the AT Gold soon.I think I got a lot more bang for my bucks then the Nokta Golden Sense had to offer. I thought they were a usa product from what Kellyco advertised on there site. Check out there web site on the Nokta & you will see usa right below the Nokta. I thought that was very misleading but oh well once bitten always remembered. lol
    I bought it from Kellyco and really liked the videos offered from the manufacturer about the Nokta. Really good information.
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