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  1. Possible artifact?

    Size is 2 inches wide by 1.75 inches tall. To me it looks like a diff animal each way you rotate it. One way looks like a turtles neck and head, another like a bird in flight with its wings pointing downward, then a persons head with a large nose, and finally an animal with a ride on top...
  2. Possible artifact?

    Hello everyone. I was out fossil hunting in a creek in North Texas and just so happened to see this barely poking out of the dirt. In wondering if it some sort of native American effigy? Thanks in advance for the help.
  3. Wishful thinking or does anyone else see something here...

    Being raised in the country on an active farm has me agreeing with the campfire and property marker ideas. We have also piled them like that just to consolidate them since they are a nuisance and then used them in other places for erosion control. These are only my opinion but I'm hoping none...
  4. Need help

    I'm really sorry to here about your friend. Y'all must have been pretty close for him to have left you that treasure. Good luck with your future cave adventures and be safe!
  5. Silver mother load hurry it ends today!!!!

    I read all his other posts because I thought the same thing but it seems like he is just a really nice guy that really believed he was giving us some great info.
  6. You must be this tall...

    Actually the OP says that this post is for your largest bottles because large bottles tend to be more rare. And they are obviously unlikely to be dug or found which is why I will continue to ask every time I see one because there are most likely are one or two out there. I would like to find...
  7. Bought incomplete 1877 IH cent

    Well said. If I were to assume I would only be making an azz outta you and me!
  8. More than just Bottles from the dumps

    I'd say go ahead with your own thread and pics if you can. Nobody is gonna ID them as quickly or accurately as they would with a couple of quick shots.
  9. Alot of people negative about CRH (GOOD FOR US)

    Dang, our first day of Summer here in North Texas was like two months ago lol.

    I've been waiting for this story for a while now and I'm not disappointed. I thought it was well written and the find itself is another head scratcher. Hopefully you can rewrite some more history in the near future! Best of luck to you!
  11. Cute little bottle!!

    I like the small a lot by itself but that's some awesome luck finding the big brother in a different dump. I hope your luck keeps going! HH
  12. Crazy Copper Count + GEO III Silver + Artillery B.

    Right? I didn't think that one was too bad but all I ever is the sound of crickets. I can't pay for a dang laugh man :)
  13. Crazy Copper Count + GEO III Silver + Artillery B.

    Please don't mistake the previous post as being meant for you Rick. The message was only meant to inform the History Hero about the unfortunate job closing.
  14. Crazy Copper Count + GEO III Silver + Artillery B.

    We are very sorry to inform you that we are not currently accepting applications and/or resumes for any form of Moral Counselor position. Unfortunately, I cannot release any information as to how many of those positions are currently filled but I do know that the actual "job" is not officially...
  15. More than just Bottles from the dumps

    That was also my only guess for it.