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  1. Coils

    Hi brother, yes I will be in the stick's,, I was looking at the coiltek' 5x10 newer coil.. just wondering about it..? I watch some YouTube on this "" as comparing to the EQ, 6" .? Thanks brother👍 .
  2. Asking?

    Alrighty then thanks again brother...,, ,,,👍l .
  3. Asking?

    Thanks,, wondering what you think of the coiltek 5x10 , using with my EQ.
  4. Coils

    600Nox. -. What is best*? For small areas,, 6" EQ , or 5x10 coiltek..? Thanks 👍.
  5. Asking?

    Hi All Brother's, great silver finds.. just wondering if anyone can help me, what works best for 600 Nox. A 6" EQ, or a 5x10 coiltek.? Thanks 👍.