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  • No the school told me to leave. and the parks where jammed with people. We still have lots of tourist's its been crazy I already have 35 hours of over time for this week
    Awesome !!! I am going to some parks today and then the school play ground. I will let ya know if I find any thing have an awesome day
    Lol it's how it goes. You should use your detector for at least a 100 hrs before really knowing its personality. I had a great day today two tax tokens and two wheaties!
    Well did some swinging in the back yard to day and my family is safe from nails about 20 of them a strange chunk of some thing and a huge chunk of metal. I think I should try the park next time.
    Yes I did join your group. A road trip sounds good. Just give me a heads up so I can make sure I have can get it off from work. I am pumped I am still learning how to use my detector but it is a blast.
    Hey welcome to metal detecting ! Did you join my group? Oregon treasure hunters? We would love to have you. Have you ever considered a road trip?
    I am a Jiu jitsu Coach, and a firefighter for 17 years. I also am an armed security guard for TCB Management. I love being out side and exploring new places, I love metal detecting and checking out new places. I am still very new at metal detecting, So If any one has any pointers I am all ears.
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