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  1. MAX Got An Old Silver Before The Snow Storm Hit.......

    Glad you could get out and most of all find something! Here a pick ax wouldn't work very well need a Jack-Hammer is more like it. Ground is frozen with three inches of ice on top. Get it when you can and HH
  2. My wife just slammed me!

    You need to go back to mass. and buy a bag of the gold gum lol
  3. Old spike harrow dug up on a farm

    When are you going to start using it now that you know what it is lol
  4. Hello Everyone!

    Welcome From Florida ,they all work just like a car it depends on what you want a beater show or race just make sure she likes doing it, and it will serve you well.
  5. Another unbelievable day in the field.

    Nice job you did have a good day thanks for sharing
  6. new guy in se michigan

    Welcome It must be to cold to detect in Michigan now. Happy Hunting when it warms up
  7. New Member from Texas Gulf Coast

    Welcome ED Happy Hunting an in Texas they say things are always bigger so can't wait to see your finds
  8. Hello From Oklahoma

    Welcome and Happy Hunting there is a lot you can learn here.
  9. new member

    Welcome from Florida
  10. Hello from Fort Myers, Fl

    Welcome from Fort Myers. Have fun dirt fishing.
  11. Hello from Tony in Florida

    Welcome, one good thing is that you can hunt all year here in FL.
  12. Detecting inside a house

    Some people made hiding places in walls under cabinets under sinks plumbing panels and some old Houses in the doors. Also look in the basement with just small lengths pipe old people use to hide things inside them. Also check for loose baseboards. Good luck
  13. Hello from Western MA

    Welcome and Happy Hunting in the spring.
  14. Hello from Maine

    Welcome Brain Do your research now then you can hunt those melting snow piles to get ready when the ground is thawed out. Happy Hunting. You can look for other members in Maine here to. Check out if there is a club near you, if there is you can get a lot of info from season Detectors and maybe...
  15. new member from lyman me.

    Welcome Mark. Hurry up and get those final treasures before the white stuff comes,I know it's been good so far but in ME. it can change quick. Happy Hunting