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  1. Roll Call.

    Western Wayne county here
  2. ✅ SOLVED Need help identifying this brass piece

    Wow! I think you may have nailed it DC Matt. It certainly does look like it. I appreciate all of the attention this piece garnered. I am including another picture to clear up any confusion about it being 2 pieces. Not sure how much these hat pin tops could weigh but this piece weighs a full...
  3. ✅ SOLVED Need help identifying this brass piece

    This was found in woods just a few feet from a pre- CW B&Burnham button. Immediately I thought it was a bridal rosette but upon closer inspection of the back of it, their is only the remnant of what looks like a single post coming from the center. I included the B&Burnham button I found in...
  4. Lead Boats Don't Float

    The one in this pic looks like it has the smoke coming from the stack
  5. Just in CASE you were interested..

    That is a sweet score right there. I have been looking for knives lately since my dad said he was starting to collect again. So far all I've been able to find is people selling them either spot on or over pricing them. They would be gifts to my dad anyway but the bargain hunter in me wont allow...
  6. George Washingtons tomb.

    It is gloomy but I tend to like gloomy...I think it's wonderful. I wouldn't mind having it hanging on my wall. Good luck with it.
  7. The Finer Things in Life

    I always pick up any full or mostly full cans of potpourri, bug sprays anything like that because you can get them for a dime a pc.
  8. Pics from my yard

    Nice pics. I have not seen any Dragonflies yet this year up here in Mich. My Momma from North Carolina said they used to call them Snakefeeders.
  9. Be Careful of Goodwills Online Auction Site

    I worked at a Council of the Blind store for a couple of years back in 2006-7 and at that time only 10% had to go to the charity. I thought, Wow! What a money maker.
  10. CCC camps

    Hey Nuggetdog. My Grandpa was in a ccc camp in Green River. This was before WW2. Here is a pic he must have brought back with him. It shows what I guess is the layout of the barracks.
  11. Some old woodworking pics

    Beautiful work
  12. BANDAI !

    Good eye! I love old toys and yours is in excellent condition.
  13. Porter Hat

    Nice find. I would like to have one of those myself.
  14. Any idea what this is???

    If it looks like a pinpointer and sounds like a pinpointer, she be a pinpointer...:laughing7:
  15. Shouldnt be irritated, but...

    Sounds like that guy was playing on the notion that has been adopted in this country of worshipping patriotism. Too bad you got bamboozled but it was a very nice gesture on your part.