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  1. HI! From South Arkansas!

    well!! on our second day out my husband and I had gained permission from some very good civil war spots that have always been rumored to be camps. And as I was busy digging up every Budwiser can from the 1970's HE dug up a brass Eagle coat button, a lead round ball bullet, a tent groment and a...
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  3. HI! From South Arkansas!

    Well!! I found a orange Shasta can; a bud light can; a chunk of iron; a square nail; ànd a Piece of ceramic....lil not a lot of of luck today but ill try again. In a diffrent spot next time. Ill let ya know if I find anything.
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    I think you have the wrong person~~

    I think you have the wrong person~~
  5. arkansas

    Camden AR! Where history lives!
  6. Chomping at the bit

    HI YAll! Im getting out in the Morning for the fist time! hoping for some civil war relics or coins. Maybe it wont get to hot...:laughing7:. Ill let ya know if I find anything! wish me luck!
  7. Where are all the Arkies?

    HI Arkies! Im here in South Ar.!
  8. HI! From South Arkansas!

    Hi Yall! Im from South Arkansas and my Husband has came home with a metal detector and now like I usaly do, I have gone research nuts and now we have three detectors sitting in our living room along with spades, shovels, gloves, and have a spot all picked out for us to head out to in the morning...
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