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  1. Tesoro Tejon Getting A Little Runtime

    Tab you are right on , it loves those lower conductors - good digs bro
  2. V5 Discrimination vs other machines ?

    I have found its disc is good to about 7" but if a nail is pointed up or at a 45 angle deeper like say 9 to deeper you can not disc out the nail , you will lose a coin before the nail I tried this with the DD and DL maxed and the 9" deep nail sounded good and i lost my 8" dime . your only...
  3. 🥇 BANNER Medieval GOLD finger ring .

    the workmanship on that is Fantastic , and with no modern tools , and it looks good , I mean excellent design. just amazing
  4. Tesoro Cibola - Me, The Dog And The Gold Ring

    tab that is amazing , The gold ring is so nice, and the silver , you may bring dog treats to apeaze the dog . we know what it takes to apeaze you a little silver & gold
  5. Flat button old ring some silver

    nice to see old things like that coming out
  6. Tesoro Golden µMax Finds A Truck Load Of Silver

    yep a truck load, just a small one . nice coin Tab
  7. Tesoro Cibola - Wheat Pennies Everywhere!

    another great dig Tab, always silver in your digs,
  8. A Fragment of VIKING History!

    really old finds amazing
  9. Tesoro Outlaw On The Rampage

    Tab that is super hot ,, Love the pictures, I am now inspired to get back to the old house lot .
  10. Pretty little silver ring

    Ya Gotta like that .
  11. Metal Detecting Miami Beach - Excalibur II short hunt

    how much is parking cost, when you detect, ?
  12. old house lot detecting

    just showing what i am up against on this old house lot , I have found 3 good tokens and three silver coins so far I find that a players is great for extracting sharp rusty objects without getting cut
  13. Big relic day

    looks like a very , good , & possible , producing site
  14. DD Coil for silver uMax

    I would stay with Tesoro coils i got an off brand and found out the connector was no good , I have never had that problem with tesoro plus they have that new 11x8 DD i also liked the 7" widscan DD one word of about improving the silver is if you can get a ground balance on it i did this and...
  15. Quick lunchtime hunt by work

    persistance can pay off,