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  • Hello Kevin
    leaving WV end of April heading out that way, had some ideas about going down to cache creek as i will be in Granite area a few days , then up to Golden. Not sure but thinking about going out on route 6 to do some sluice work, water level and weather permitting. I know these are hit pretty hard by many , i only have about 9 or 10 days to do any prospecting . Any suggestions would be very much appreciated on these sites or if you know of some place i may do a little better . I will be following the rules about where and how to dig , I don't wanna see any more restrictions imposed on prospectors because of bad habits of a few that have no respect. There was actually a spot up by Leadville that i was going to file a claim on, some one beat me to it about 3 weeks ago but it all good may like another spot better. Thank you for your Posts and information you give to others , most helpful
    James from WV
    Where are the pictures of the sluice? Do you have any of the inner workings? Have you ever set it up reculating to see how much you loose?
    Howdy Kevin! Got family in Denver in a condo downtown, and some in highlands ranch that own some stuff up in silverthorne, I have tramped that area pretty good! Look forward to reading more of your posts and if I get back that way I will give you a heads up!
    Hi Kevin; I'm Stan and I live in central Pa but I have a sister that lives in Woodland Park CO. I would like to know if you would be up to getting together if I would ever make it out there for a visit. I enjoy reading you post and hearing the stories. Wish you and yours all the best.

    Id like to thank you for your help and advise. I have been doing alot of research and am fixing to look at some maps on google. I was wondering if you thought it was worth investing in a 4 inch dredge for the local public spots u can use them on
    My goal is to dredge. Also wensday im going to get my pans. Is there a brand you would recommend or a site to order from. Or is the a good shop around to go to. I have to go to denver thursday for a mri anyway
    I don't know how this happened, but the message you ment fer a felller named Mike got sent to me, this here is frank in mi.
    thanks for the reply funny you mention s platt river I camped there like 18 years ago but wasnt into panning at that time, but that was a place i had planned on hitting, have you ever panned around the deckers area? also I am getting ther later than wanted like 1 oct verses 1 sept when do you guys start getting snow out taht way
    Thanks John
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