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  1. Searching pennies, mighta have an error?

    So my only knowledge of coin collecting is that wheat pennies are sometimes worth more than face value. Steel pennies are from the war.(WW2) Morgan’s are worth a lot more than a dollar. And most change before 1964 contains some silver. I haven’t read any books for lack of funding and I read...
  2. Searching pennies, mighta have an error?

    was searching coins. Not sure how to judge whether or not it’s an error or anything.
  3. Found this cool rock

    Sorry forgot to say where. Found in Ten Mile Creek at Moose Creek Campground. Near Helena Montana. Outside feels like sand. Cant really tell about inside. Looks different in all different lights.
  4. Found this cool rock

    Found this rock in the river while camping. Was just wondering if anyone could help identify?
  5. Nickel found while metal detecting

    The guy at the gallery didnt say much other that a die error and he said " I can offer you $30" i said im going to keep. just wanted to know about it. He replied " they are pretty common. Just depends on how/where obtained and condition." Kind of shyish quiet guy but he was nice. Picked my son...
  6. Nickel found while metal detecting

    Thanks guys. always get good advice and info here. As for the coin. i added it to my kids collection after being offered $30 from local coin gallery. Pretty sure i found a new hobby. Pleasant day to all. Thanks.
  7. Nickel found while metal detecting

    Thanks guys. And thanks for the advice.
  8. Nickel found while metal detecting

    Cool. Five cents it is then. thanks
  9. Nickel found while metal detecting

    Found this nickel on a pkayground trying out my first metal detector. (Outside my yard) Anything of value of just a nickel?
  10. What is it?

    No idea.
  11. What is it?

    Sorry for the short vague question. Wrote it while waiting on a train. Found it in the grass medal detecting in a park. Tried to look up info but found nothing. My guess was that it is a plated? collector coin. Dunno though. So i thought id ask.
  12. What is it?

    Found this today. Cant find info. Please help. What is it and whats it made of?
  13. What!!! Im new at this and this is awsome!!!

    I dont bother much with the metals. I have all kinds of stuff to get it but their are so many mine claims around me id have to pay more than what id get or give up all or more than half to dig private. And im not much of a fee or sack miner so.... this is what i do for fun. Free digs at free sites.
  14. What!!! Im new at this and this is awsome!!!

    Wow funny. Do you pronounce yours with a long e? Thats how i say mine. Funny though.
  15. Help with a guestimation?

    Thank you. And no i wont be selling. Just wanted the info on it.