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  • Went out on the beach tonight and did some more hunting. I figured after such a pretty weekend it would be good to go after dark. Only found a few more coins.

    This is what I have found so far with the White's CoinMaster Pro metal detector, since we've been in Jacksonville, FL.
    I did find a ring/necklace combo on the beach for a girl but I didn't get a picture before I gave it back to her. It wasn't valuable just sentimental to her.

    I have found lots of trash: bottle caps, pull tabs, foil, and even a condom wrapper.
    As time permits I will continue searching for that 'BIG FIND'!
    Wish me luck.
    — in Jacksonville, FL.

    Location: Jacksonville, FL. At our personal residence in the Arlington area.
    Me and my three year old son as well as a 5th grader spent about an hour working an
    area no bigger than 10X10. The kids really had a blast.

    Found playing around in my front yard. Getting familiar with the CoinMaster GT.
    Location: Downtown Graham, NC.
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