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  • hi there! we had messaged awhile back, when i was still waiting for my first detector to arrive in the mail! I am living in orange, if you would like to go hit some parks or beaches let me know! I am looking for some new detecting buddies.

    Welcome back to the Islands:

    II am on Kauai and can you sell you my stealth 720,, which is in mint condition, if you still need on ee t has the 52” long wooden handle with a lift assist at 48 inch.
    This way your 720 should be the same as the one in CA. I think that the new ones made by Chuck will have a shorter basket.
    I works great, but is a little much for an oldster like me to hande I just want to expirament with an onler design with 90 degree angle.

    Aloha; Sir Gala Clad

    PS “ You were one of the first members who welcomed me to Treasure Net"
    Alright guys Im still alive,been staying in Hawaii,b/c my son got married & my granddaughter made me a GG :-0),loving Hawaii,Ive got a waitress job,so busy dont even have time to MD,I know I fell off the planet sorry Love & miss you & my husband commutes,very wish he would live here...
    I did go out yesterday,only a religious charm,but I will start going out more,xoxox,miss all my friends
    Was wondering where you've been haven't heard anything on you since christmas, since you sent us all those goodies, I miss seeing you post.leprechaun.
    Where are you and how are you? Hope you are a good health. No hunt?
    Happy hunting:treasurechest:
    Hamid from under sand:laughing7:
    Kiana: Have you ever found any silver US coins in Hawaii, or know anyone who has?
    All I have been able to find is clad.
    Also, I have not seen any clad or silver Half dollars recently, nor do I remember ever seeing or using one in Hawaii. I am wondering where they have all gone? Do you see them on the mainland.
    Just curious (meow).
    ok let me know how you make out i have friends that live in hilo
    i think thats how its spelt lol good luck
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