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  1. Pewter flaming cannonball button ?

    Hi all. I found this button awhile back and was wondering if anyone could help with an id. Its in bad shape but to me it looks like a cannonball with flames
  2. Dug one of my best buttons!!!!

    Banner find Coop ! I ate some piecake and figgered out how to log in lol ....good luck tomorrow !
  3. Corner Tang Knife...

    Thats awesome.Should be on the banner !
  4. How my machine saved my very least saved me

    Glad your ok Casper.I've owned a cz-20 for many years now and I've found tons of coins and relics with it.I think I've used it in the water less than 10 times lol It is a beast and very ruggedly made.It quit working on me recently and I keep putting off sending it in to be fixed.
  5. Heres A New Operational Video Using The Orange Pro Pointer AT

    I ordered one years ago....well maybe not that long ago but it feels like it.I'm in upstate New York and I need it to find my car !!!!! :dontknow:
  6. 🥇 BANNER Big Bust silver!!!!!!

    Awesome hunt Coop ! Banner all day on that one.
  7. help me on an ID. silver tube. weird

    Match safe...maybe. Pretty cool !
  8. Eagle on a shield Military ?

    Cleaned it up some
  9. Eagle on a shield Military ?

    I can kinda make out that the shield is divided by a cross and there looks to be something in each square.I think I can see an eagle a bomb with a flaming fuse and not sure on the other two. It also looks like there may have been a figure on ither side of the shield as well.I may just be seeing...
  10. Eagle on a shield Military ?

    Hi all. I found this today at a site were most stuff dates mid 1800's and earlier. I've found NY militia buttons at this site. The site was the homestead of a solder that fought at Bunker hill and was the leader of the local militia here in upstate NY.In fact most of the buttons and a...
  11. 1794 Liberty Cap!!!!!

    Awesome half cent Coop.I'm voting banner.I dont think I've ever seen a Liberty cap half cent found.I always seem to find nothing but 1804 half cents.
  12. Grading of the saddle ridge hoard

    They've been graded by PGCS
  13. Grading of the saddle ridge hoard

    Gold may not degrade in the ground but it will at the least have microscopic scratch's.This is one thing that PGCS is supposed to judge there grade from.The coins may have been in containers but they had rotted away letting in dirt and gravel.A rare coin with scratch's isent going to be as...
  14. Grading of the saddle ridge hoard

    Has anyone else been wondering why these coins were not graded "environmental damaged" ?
  15. Thank You !

    Just got my AT Gold ....Thank you very much ! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: