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  1. Cracked coil on Tesoro Tiger Shark, replace or fix?

    I was wondering what you have decided to do. I need a coil for my tiger shark, I have no idea what other coils can be sliced I will try to check out the ones u mentioned.
  2. 🏆 HONORABLE MENTION Class ring return number 18

    "He told me he gave it to a girlfriend in 1982 right before he went overseas with the army. The girlfriend attended a different college so how it got on this campus is a mystery" OH MY
  3. 🙋 WANTED Excalibur with 8 inch coil or 8 inch coil...

    right now I am looking at either a Fisher CZ21 or an Excalibur II, I thought those two machines were on the same level but now the Fisher is $400 less that the Excalibur. Have you ever tried a CZ21? Are these two machines not really in the same class? Is there a reason why you went of the Excal...
  4. Do you think Fisher will go out of business soon?

    Fisher is not interested in development or was it Tesoro that was not interested? You said Fisher but the story sounded very Tesoro, I don't know much about either. I did google Garrett and whites so I guess Garrett did buy them. I am not sure what to make of all that.
  5. New to the hobby

    The first thing you should do is buy a pin pointer , is use the Garrett carrot, if I forget it I will get back in my car and go home. I put off buying a pin pointer for years, boy did I mess up. They save so much time and aggravation. The more holes you are able to dig in a certain amount of...
  6. Do you think Fisher will go out of business soon?

    I have a broken Tesoro Tiger Shark with less than thirty hours use, Tesoro out of business, warranty irrelevant and no way for me to fix the thing. I have a older working White's and was thinking of getting another but they are out of business now as well. So now I am leaning towards a Fisher...

    Thats awesome. The most bizarre coinstar find I have ever had is a merc dime that was stuck on the hinge of the hopper . Didn't even go into the machine, what are the odds?
  8. Jan 21st 2021 finds

    I think the fourth one is a knife of sort for skinning animals , am I correct?
  9. What Have You Ever Found WITHOUT the Detector, While Metal Detecting?

    Once while immersed in tranquil reflection while metal detecting in the deep woods, I found my soul, but I traded it for a treasure map.
  10. 🥇 BANNER Still Shaking! Found a few Morgan Silver Dollars

    Fantastic find, made me feel 17 again just watching it. It seems to me that unless the person that buried it was a real lunkhead, there must have been something there back then to serve as a marker, a fence post or giant tree or some huge stone or something.
  11. Coil for tiger shark?

    I guess my coil is bad on my tiger shark so I am going to try and splice a new coil onto the thing. Does anyone know what coil I should try? I am not opposed to building my own coil, if I knew the specs I should be aiming for. Thanx.
  12. Finding jewlery at the beach

    interesting that the ring with the green stone is silver and not white gold because that stone looks like an emerald, it may not be green enough so it would be called green beryl , which is a the same exact thing as an emerald except it is just not green enough.
  13. Anybody ever pay a landowner for permission to detect?

    I bet you can detect it for free if you offer to mow it.
  14. Gold Coin!

    Finding a counterfeit coin sounds harder than finding a real one. It is so old now you could sell it as a historical piece. don't listen to me I am not a layer, lawer,,lawyer.
  15. Four Hunts In Eight Days

    all those coins in a field? that seems crazy!