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  1. Bird effigy?

    I believe it is now your bird effigy. Congrats!
  2. Spanish in Kansas City?

    The Spanish, from what I've read, were active in a small scale, on and off, disorganized, and brutal fashion, searching for gold and silver, and attempting to convert the natives, during the time period shown above. From the Mississippi to the west coast, they had various exploratory, and...
  3. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Mystery rocks?

    Looks like coal to me too. Hold a lighter to it. It should burn.
  4. I thought the worse thing they could say was no…

    Yeah, I had one I went to regularly over the years it took to keep three driving teenage daughters on the road. Bring my own tools. It was a decent yard.
  5. I thought the worse thing they could say was no…

    Yeah, some people. Maybe, this car recycling business, isn't just that. Maybe, they wanted to make it very clear to you to stay the hell away. Zero ambiguity. The car junking business has always been a rough one. Nothing personal, you were an unneeded complication. Get lost.
  6. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED What mark is on this button?

    Nice finds, and impressive solve!!
  7. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Are These Diamonds?

    Yeah, concrete would work, too! More than likely. Thanks.
  8. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Are These Diamonds?

    From a previous post, you mentioned you dug these up near Sweetwater, TX. In your research, did you look to see if there was any history of diamonds in your region? I went to Google Earth to look around, after your last post. Very flat terrain. Your specimens, assuming they weren't hauled in...
  9. The Chase

    Nice shot! She's just not into him.
  10. Stone tool with fossils/quartz?

    The lines and inclusions in that stone are fossil shells. All natural, all of them, IMO.
  11. USA Rev war and 1812 buttons

    That is the Tudor Rose on the button. The fouled anchor style largely replaced the rose in 1774.
  12. USA Rev war and 1812 buttons

    You had a great hunt. The flower fancy button, is a Royal Navy officer's button, 1748 to 1787, IMO.
  13. Zebra Marble ! Huge Rock !

    Looks like granite.
  14. Looking for ANY feedback on these pictures. I can't get this place out of my head!

    Whooooo. The owls were bombing you, because they had a nest nearby, more than likely. They were telling you to leave. It's not unusual to feel something "spiritual", when finding yourself in a beautiful natural setting. I don't think it goes beyond your personal, sensory stimulation. All...