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  1. Tongue AND Wreath Buckle!

    Not a bottle cap type,but yes is the Common cast eagle
  2. Fun Day with Family - Few Interesting things

    Your last items are spur jangles
  3. Hello Old Friends,and newItalian speaker needed

    Hello my friend!What I need is somebody who can make a purchase on Italian E-Bay.Its for a picture to display with a recent find I made.I tried using a translator program and its just too labor intensive...not working well at all
  4. Hello Old Friends,and newItalian speaker needed

    This is treasure related,I need somebody who can speak Italian,and would be will to assist me with a small purchase on Italian Ebay. Thanks!!
  5. Leopard Shot In Indiana

    Hello!I have returned from the dead specifically to apologize and admit I was likely wrong...(Number9,and who ever else)I never said there wasnt a chance of an escaped Black Leopard,which this may be.I did say that likely there isnt a breeding population of black cats....especially cougars(very...
  6. Say a prayer for tomorrows hearing in SB in Judge Ochoas courtroom

    wtf????...another Judge bought off.....
  7. Another expert telling us that dredging is needed

    Thanks to all that replied,Jon is dead on correct that fact no longer has any bearing in Law.What really cracks me up is these nut jobs scream about natural nature....if the dams were not there what would the salmon do?Historically most of the creeks and rivers were dry every so many years.These...
  8. Another expert telling us that dredging is needed

    :occasion14: Not really guys,just dropping in!Thanks for missin' me
  9. Another expert telling us that dredging is needed

    Calaveras News - Breaking News for Calaveras County & Beyond!- The Pine Tree .net
  10. Can someone ID this buckle

    Here is the Buckle in use
  11. Bodie Historic Park

    not sure when you were there last,its not free
  12. 🥇 BANNER Dream find realized...and it tells a story!

    Banner vote in and couldnt have come to a better friend and person.An epic find and story that will be told for generations
  13. hey kugar...a little advice needed

    LOL!Ya dragged me out of my cave!!! :laughing7: Sorry I am a bit late.................where to start?.....I want to say first off,Calif. likely by all accounts presently has more lions per square mile than any other state(Black Bears as well),and I have done LOTS of lion work in that very area...

    water is sparse....but cold!!:laughing7: