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  1. 🥇 BANNER Biggest 22k gold ring Ive ever found!

    Interesting... Mystic Topaz hasn't been around that long. Info suggests the ring was made in early 1990's at the earliest.
  2. Please help me identify this ring found on coast of Charleston, SC

    Stone is most likely moss agate, your example is very nice. Check out wikipedia:
  3. Two quick hunts.

    Nice Large Cent! :occasion14:
  4. had to get one more hunt in, & glad I did...

    Careful... many of those Catholic charms are only silver plated. It should have a hallmark if it is sterling. Still a nice find, and I enjoy researching the saints and styles.
  5. Lion key

    There are actually a few different styles for the Boy Scouts slides. I found a couple different ones near each other in a park once.
  6. 1942 silver quarter, wheats, and a old Yale lock

    Very nice padlock-- with that chain I suspect it might have been used by a railroad company, but I thought most railroad locks were larger.
  7. 🥇 BANNER Find of a LIFETIME! Wow!

    Wow- spectacular tag! You got my vote!
  8. Big ballin after husband found this at the park!!!

    Worth having a jeweler check it out, though (be prepared) I have seen artificial (lab grown) rubies that are that big, so it could be a pink sapphire. If it is tourmaline, it is worth big bucks (and should make Banner!)
  9. Brass, Glass, Lead, and Iron (a Civil War Variety Show).

    Wow! Quite the collection! I'd like to see a better picture of the bottle if it is embossed.
  10. First day in the water

    Yup, the corroded quarter was partly dissolved by the ocean water. Because the clad and core are different compositions, the two alloys together act like a battery in salt water. I've got a box full from out here on the West coast. I'm thinking it takes 5-10 years to get that way. I don't...
  11. New to MD, First Finds

    Wow-- what setting did you use to find the piece of glass?! :laughing7: You're doing OK - my first hunt got me less than 38 cents. Let us know what your 'deep coin' is, but if it is crusty gray or white it probably is a corroded penny, though it could also be foreign. Oh, yeah, and my two hours...
  12. CEAAE 1800s Gold Coin

    I have seen these, in fact I have one somewhere- yes, it is a copy of a real ancient coin, probably pre-Roman. I do know the real ones are extremely rare and valuable. They originated in the middle east, I think, but not sure exactly where. You might post it on the what-is-it forum.
  13. DIAMOND???

    It -is- real, just not diamond. The sad part is, the thing you want most to find is the thing nobody wants to lose! But its good eyeball practice anyway. Keep at it! I have yet to eyeball a loose diamond, but I know people who have! Mine have all been CZs.
  14. Found padlock and frustration....

    I'd recommend trying your hunts in an area miles from power lines and learning what your machine does where there is no interference-- then you can figure out if you're hearing interference or have some other problem. Some detectors are more sensitive to power lines than others, and the upgrade...
  15. Pink bunny buys it in the hood

    Darn -- I was hoping it was the Energizer Bunny. Can't have everything!