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  • Hi Lanny,
    Sleep is still uncomfortable but slowly improving. I can use the arm more and more every day. I just returned from dinner with church friends and having others around is a nice thing. I assume you are out and busy, I hope! I'm slowly getting myself exercised in an attempt to be in good condition by late August and I expect my Super Mini BGT to arrive by mid May, I hope though I've no immediate use for it other than as an inspiration to keep exercising. All my best to you, Herb
    I'd thought this week I'd get to messing around with my XLT with all the coils but that did not happen. Next week starts tomorrow so we will see what happens there. My son is trying to find an opening to take the CHP Motorcycle course and when he does my 1000cc Kawasaki goes to him. That is one thing I've decided to let go of now and if I want to take it up again I can later but having it around and not using for several years is dumb.

    Oh, current plan with current employer is to have the second shoulder done in September of this year, they may not like that. Then in ~ March of 2014 the left knee will be done and then I will be all ready to go again in 2015, maybe late 2015.

    Possible new jobs in Utah as well as Texas. Time will tell.
    Hope all is well with you and yours! Herb
    Hello Lanny, In general I am healing quickly. Sleep is still tough as each night I need to find a new position for either horizontal or upright sleeping, its nuts and tiring. Horizontal is a new thing for me as for the first 1.85 weeks I could not find a comfortable position. I still have some odd 'kinks' in my back likely from unusual sleeping positions.

    I'm actually thinking that IF I can get myself into really great physical condition then I might take a backpacking trip into 'My Canyon' for labor day, 10 days for 4 days of vacation. I've one main site I wish to check out and a secondary if the first does not show color. I'd guess I will spend the entire time at the first as it is a mix of sniping, digging, exploring and fishing, the second is strictly digging/detecting. IF I do this I will have my Batpan and a super mini BGT with me, of course I have to purchase the latter.

    See 2nd post for last portion of this
    Gravelwasher I am looking for somone to hook up with 50/50 split off on saturdays just let me know when you want to go
    Hello Lanny,

    Always enjoy your descriptive stories and tales of the gold chase, always gives me goldwood reading your write ups of sassy little Would love to join you on an adventure someday soon if the opportunity were to arise. Keep those wonderful writing coming, cant get enough of em... Thanks for all you do, all the best to you, Gravelwasher
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