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  • Steve, came home after rock collecting all day, & found your package in the mail. Thank you! they are so amazing. It still boggles my mind how perfect they could get the edges. & the pics you sent? That knife is drop dead gorgeous! Did you find it on your property? I sent the box home with my rockin friend so she could show them to her family. Thank you again!
    Tell your wife hi. Hope y'all are staying warm.
    Dear Sir
    Do minelab make SD 2200D metal detector yet?
    I need an original of this detector.
    I can not buy this detector in my country. Because it is not here.
    Please help me.
    Can you buy this detector for me?
    If yes, please send to me his price.
    Warm Regards
    Steve, I'm having problems sending personal message to you. Just wanted to thank you for the seeds. I can hardly wait for planting! Can you let me know if you got the messages?
    Sorry to hear about kellys passing. His wife's brother was married to my mom's sister. I did not even know that until after he died and some of my cousins came up to go to his funeral.
    Hey Stevie, Kelly's video is so very cool! I can't wait to hear those whistles play again, just let me know when we can all get together? Is their a award for best video presentation on tnet? Kelly has my vote for it..Russ
    hey stevie, I figured it out, go figure! all-in-all you did help me all along. thanks buddy:headbang::hello2::hello::notworthy::notworthy::notworthy::thumbsup:
    Well, Steve,
    I was raised around Sturgis but live south of Mud Butte. My 3rd daughter lives in Java and is married to Matthew Stiegelmeier. Dad took us sifting at the Missoui when I was very young. He has an awesome collection with many items as yours has.
    Larson, thank you! I will share it with a friend of mine that is an amazubg gardener. I am excited to see it. & thank you for the tool also. I live in the land of mounds, but have found mostly flakes. Though I am trying to get permission to walk a creek by a field that was full of mounds. I have been doing some research on my area & have been amazed by how close they are to me. In my county alone there are over 3,000 mounds. of course most have been destroyed by our ag. but I know the creeks must have some artifacts in them.
    If you give me your address, I will send a piece of druzy quartz from down my road.
    Thanks again,
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