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  1. Good afternoon hunt

    Sweet finds.
  2. Helena

    Not in Helena but we do get to Helena a couple of times a months. I'm not at all familiar with detecting in the Helena area. Have you been doing any good there ? We are usually in sort of a time crunch when we do get to Helena so I have never detected there.
  3. End Of Season Find

    Guess it wasn't the End Of The Season find after all. My first wedding ring. A car saleslady from where I used to work called and said she had lost her wedding ring in the snow in her back yard. I said I would give it a try so after a half hour of looking I found it. She was so emotional when I...
  4. etrac or ctx thinking about buying one . which one?

    Welcome to the CTX club. Once you have spent some time with it you will be happy with your purchase. And even if for some reason you don't like it you can always sell it for a profit. Win, win.
  5. End Of Season Find

    Thank you. Hey, you are doing well. I went a long long time before I finally found a merc. I really wanted to do some of those street tear outs there in Bozeman this summer but just never made it down there. Seek and you will find.
  6. End Of Season Find

    Really. 8 you say. Wow. I know the " Diggers " from here in Anaconda have detected quite a few of those pins but I sure can't seem to dig one up. There must have been more of them made and lost that I thought. Thanks for the congrats. After looking back at my finds for 2016 I really did a lot...
  7. End Of Season Find

    Goose-O. Sounds like you did pretty well. I'm happy for you Cubs fans as it has been a long wait but maybe the Cubs will be saying it was this year.
  8. End Of Season Find

    Yes, The Anaconda for State Capital pin is worth some bucks $$. I payed $90.00 for one here in Anaconda and bought one for a friend who after seeing mine wanted one. I payed $80.00 for that one. I see they have another one at a local antique store here and they want $80.00 for it. There is quite...
  9. End Of Season Find

    Thank you. Hey, it's the thought that counts. Maybe next year. Not looking forward to winter.I don't check here as much as I should and it was a pretty slow year detecting. Time spent with family is priceless especially seeing how far away you live.
  10. End Of Season Find

    Pretty much my only good find this summer. A 1839 seated dime in Anaconda. My very first seated coin and my oldest coin find. Coins this old usually didn't often make it to SW Montana.
  11. Laden Plate Buried by the French 1744

    Thanks for sharing. Very interesting
  12. CTX3030 Battery Warning

    Thank you for the heads up on this. I can see where if you aren't careful you will think the new improved battery and seal is seated properly and clamp down but with considerable effort. If you have to use too much force to latch the battery it probably isn't seated correctly. Better check...
  13. A week in Montana

    Good for you guys. I have been by that school a thousand times I bet but was always afraid to go detect in there. Some little kid probably brought the coin for show and tell ( if they still do that ) and lost it. Sorry I missed meeting you here.
  14. GPS on the CTX 3030- how would you rate it?

    It's about as accurate as any regular handheld GPS and as close as 20-35 feet repeat accuracy. I just never seem to use it but can see where it might have application in certain areas.
  15. Used CTX3030 or New Etrac for 1000?

    Sweet deal. Go with the CTX.